The Power of Rewards at Industry International Essay

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The Power of Rewards at Industry International
Dr. Michael Minor

The Power of Rewards at Industry International In the case study that was used in chapter 3, the case study is talking about an industry international firm that has twenty-five hundred employees in different plants. The industry has been battered for three decades by foreign competition and still had a high profit. The plant compensation was three times the average salary for U.S. industrial employees and the plants were not unionized, have no paid vacations days, and the employees only works 45-50 hours a week. Every year after the company has paid the taxes and dividends; the board of directors decides the size of the bonus and divided the money among the employees by their salary and individual ratings. With the employees only making half of what they are supposed to be making, the employees depend on the bonus checks they receive each year to pay for bills, new cars, houses, ect. Strategic organizational communication is a powerful process designed to achieve management goals by creating awareness, affecting attitudes and changing behavior of employees and persuade them to take action towards achieving the goals at hand. Strategic organizational communication refers to policy-making and control information activity within companies. Strategic organizational communication handles internal and external communication processes. Strategic organizational communication can also be defined as the systematic development and realization of information flow, communication, media development and image care in a long-term horizon. It sends considered messages through the most suitable media to the designated spectators at the appropriate time to contribute to and achieve the desired long-term effect. In the case study, there was a lot of organizational structure that took place. The main organizational structures that were in the case study were motivating the employees and a control-system of rules and rewards. By the employees knowing that they going to get a bonus check every year, they work harder and put more hours in so they could get their checks. The chain of command comes up with so the employees can stay on track and achieve the goal at hand. The case study is centralized because the decisions were made up by the chain of command to better the company. They have all the say so in whatever the company does and what goes on within the company. The company used this to rate employees for their output, quality dependability and characteristics. With this the chain of command knew where the employee or employees were doing and how hard they worked. I also felt that the