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We are now in an age where appearance is everything, but these appearances are real or are merely a facade?
If we take this question to the subject of brands, we can also ask us to come to terms with this facade simply manipulated to make us a more loyal to their company consumers.
In this paper we try to analyze why the first step by making a history, then observe which are the most powerful brands, and finally observe the history of advertising and the consequences that have occurred in consumers.

1. History.

What is a brand?
Really if asked this question many would not know exactly define it, many would answer that it is something new, something novel, associated with the products of the majors.
Not so, a brand, as they define the same name is a brand, a sign to distinguish who is the manufacturer of the product.
If we go back to the beginning of the brands, these began in the V century BC.
The origin of this acronym-brands were created by potters to identify and recognize the origin and responsible for the creation of these amphorae, because in this era were frequent thefts at stores them and this was the only way to follow his trail.
Then we can, note the following fact that in the fifteenth century, with the creation of brands for grocery products as cocoa snuff or spices.
Although the great change began in the nineteenth century with the development of the second industrial revolution, with the development of the printing press.
Since this is the last great development from which we know the current brand image, in this part was the beginning of advertising, and developed what is now known as advertising, all due to the help of the great mass distribution allowed doing the printing.


2. Why build a brand?
There are countless benefits for a company to create a brand, but really the main reason that you create a brand is to sell more.
One of the most valuable assets for any firm is the intangible asset
Represented By Its brands (K. Lane and DR Lehmann, 2003)
We can see that this statement is a total reality because if we look at the most powerful companies in the world, quickly can be associated with major brands associated in our head.

Interbrand Ranking, 2013

So, after this we can say that creating a brand is a major requirement if you want to grow and expand.
And then you wonder why creating a brand makes a product sells more.
For this we must look at what are the functions of a brand.


But creating a brand is one thing that takes time and resources, we must also bear in mind that any error in the creation of a brand is at a premium for both the brand and the company.
A clear example of bad image is that of Nike, in 1996 it was reported that Nike was using Pakistani children for developing their products, but sales not decreased this year, if we observed a great damage to the image of the company we are still remembering today.

Pakistan, 1997

"Building a good brand can take 30 years; destroy, just 30 days "(David
D'Alessandro, CEO of John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance, 1999)


3. Brands and advertising.
But this brand expansion has been aided by the symbiosis between advertising and brand created.
Since advertising was invented solely to publicize the brand and obtain greater benefits, and this created an entirely new market, the advertising market.
Actually there are many sectors (such as television, film, radio, newspaper,
Web pages) that are primary if not sole source of income is advertising.

Evolution of advertising in the twentieth century.

But this symbiosis has evolved too, completely changing the way people express themselves. In the beginning, both brands as advertising is directed in a rational consumer, showing a need that could be satisfied with your product or