The power of the mind Essay

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Review Short Answer question

4.What is the origin and purpose of the Sabbath, and why do Christians observe it on Sunday?

Creation Story  God rested on the Seventh Day (rest is Valuable, its not a wasted day its intentional the Sabbath is intentional.)
Why would this be a commandment? (Because it was meant for us god created it for us)
Purpose of the Sabbath is for worship + Rest (intentional attempt to contemplate creation. Well Being. There is more to life then Working.)
Justice to God, Habitual Disposition to my revelation with God.
Gratitude’s towards gods gift to us

Why was is Sabbath on a Sunday ? Because Jesus resurrected on a Sunday and historical split between Judaism and Christianity happened on a Sunday

7.How is following any commandment actually a demonstration of following the 1st Commandment?

Thou shall not kill
Sacredness of life,
We were created in the image and likeness of God.
God is the Author of life demonstrating pride (me over God)
The way we treat life also tells us who God is for us.

Thou Shall not steal
Things shouldn’t replace our view of God
Chapter 15 it says Good of creation is oriented for everybody so by taking something from someone that’s a justice issue
A proper habitual disposition that allows to do the Virtue of Religion wich is to give to god what is due to him.

5. Why is artificial birth control an abuse of the conjugal act(Sacred)?

Purpose Unitive and (Procreative) Dignity

Artificial birth