The Power Of The Mind: Sub-Conscious

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Power Of The Mind: Sub-Conscious People tend to strive for prosperity and happiness throughout there entire lives. One must work hard to achieve, and experiences and environment depict who a person is. Throughout life, people experience new things daily and everything observed is taken into the mind one way or another. Some life encounters, like learning in school and training for a job, are learned and directly applied into the specific circumstance. Other things like conversations or general knowledge, is not immediately applied in life, but instead absorbed by the sub-conscious and stored for future encounters and a persons overall knowledge of all things. The sub-conscious is the part of our minds that we are not fully aware of, that influences thoughts and feelings of a person. It is the “everyday sights, smells and sounds [that] can selectively activate goals or motives that people already have” (Benedict Carey, NY Times. 2007). It is extremely beneficial to be aware of the sub-conscious mind and to a certain extent, control it. Controlling the sub-conscious can be as simple as telling oneself you can do something no matter what, rather than letting yourself believe it is too hard or that there is a chance of failure. Although, this tactic will only work if you truly believe you can do it, not if you just tell yourself you can. Take doing the dishes as an example. You have a sink full of dishes that has piled up over the last few days. Your walking out the door and you see the massive pile. Without contemplation, you efficiently do all the dishes and walk right out the door with a clean kitchen. In this instance, you just cleaned the dishes, without thinking how much time it would take or what an inconvenience it was. You made a quick decision to do the dishes, rather then contemplate the negatives and positives of the task. You just indirectly used the sub-conscious to block out negative thoughts and stayed determined to get the dishes done efficiently, because “no one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as reality” (Napoleon Hill, Think And Grow Rich). If you accepted that the dishes were too much and too hard, they would be much harder to do, but instead you defeated the dishes and you were determined to do so. The sub-conscious can be looked at as a second person inside of someone. It is the voice that tells you what to do, and in many cases telling you the right, or logical way of doing things. People often choose to not listen