The Power Of The United States

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Amber Gullo The United states was established as democratic republic based on the priciples found in the Constitution.Throughout the period from 1787 to 1865,as the national gorvernment increased its power,The United States attempted to maintain a seperation of powers in which the purposes of government could be fullfilled and th epowers of government would be the powers of government would be distributed amongst state and federal levels.

The general government assumes undelegated powers.The goverment was not made the final judge of the extent of the powes not delegated to itself.The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution,are reserved to the states respectively to the people.the people did not have the power over the freedom of religion,speech,press (Doc.3).The Congress has the power to lay and collect taxes.They have the power to pay all the debts off.The congress has the power to regulate commerse amongst the foreign nations and several states.They have the power to make all laws constitutional which stall be proper for carrying into execution foregoing powers (Doc.4)

The states have no power by taxation or otherwise impede or burden in any control the operation of the laws by the Congress.The government of the United States limited in its powers and its laws to form the supreme law of the land (Doc 5).The general government can rightfully exercise only the powers expressly granted to the people.The Constitution grants to Congress the power to impose a tax on imports.The power is abused by being changed into an industry in the country (Doc 8).

The states have a constitutional right to interfere the law of Congress.The peoples government is made for the people,by the people,and answerable to the people.Pennsylvania and Kentucky say