The Power of Words Essay

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Renée Bicaba 9/18/13
The Power of Words In life people use words every single day, just as I am right now. We have a variety of words to choose from and the words we choose say a lot about who we are. The words we say can also influence people into making decisions they would never make before. Words can tell a lot about a person, they can be use to express your feelings and emotions. Words are necessary for people to communicate and without words how could we interact with people. Everyone has to be careful on what they say; when I was little I used to be picked on by my big brother. Whenever I told my mother what he said she would say “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.” That is probably the biggest lie she has ever said to me, words do hurt and they are very powerful, that is why you have to be careful on your word choice. Some of the most powerful people in the world are powerful because of their word choice. Oprah is one of the most famous and influential people in the world. She had a vast knowledge of vocabulary, because her father made her learn five vocabulary words every day before she was able to eat dinner. This small thing that her father did gave her the power and knowledge to be able to influence people. Oprah is famous for mostly talking; she started off as a news anchor and grew her career from there. Her vocabulary skills gave her the ability to know exactly what to say. Being a woman in her position of power she has to be careful in her choice of words. As words can bring you up in a career they can also bring you down. The most recent story would be Paula Deen’s racist comment. Paula admitted to using the “n” word, which many people find offensive. She lost her five year employment at an Oyster house, her TV show, and her cooking wear deals with various department stores. Her ruined her whole career just by using one word, which comes to show just how powerful words can be. Words can tell the type of person you are, because of your arrangement of the words. Everyone has emotions and will eventually get hurt in their life. I can remember when I was in ninth grade I had an audition for orchestra. I was so nervous that I messed up the entire audition, so I