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3. The setting of the book, The President’s daughter takes place all over the country. Originally from Massachusetts, Meg and her family travel the country with her mother who is running for president. They often stay in presidential suites in nice hotels while her mother makes speeches and campaigns. After her mother wins, the new setting is in Washington D.C, where the Powers’ family lives in the white house. Many scenes in the book take place in the white houses’ famous rooms. There are also scenes at her new private school in D.C. The time period has to be somewhat recent, as it is legal for a woman to run for president, even though Meg’s mother is the first ever female president of the United States. The book originally took place in the 1970’s but the author recently updated the technology that the characters used in the book, in 2008 to match a more recent time. The genre of the book is a drama, as Meg has a hard time dealing with and adjusting to her mother becoming president. Pgs. (217, 179-185)

1. Meg’s mother who is now the president 1. Meg and her mother fought often has always been very busy and is because she felt her mom abandoned rarely home due to being a politician her, and her mom thought Meg hated always giving speeches, Meg calls her so it really helped their her out one night and tells her that she relationship when Meg told her mom has been absent for as long as she was that she loved her for no reason alive and questions why she should stop Pg.290 then, which really hurts her mother. Pg.259

2. Meg was upset about people trying 2. Meg got to know a boy who actually to be her friend because of her fame liked her for her, and ended up being and got fed up when her brother made with him at the end of the book a joke about a boy who used her, saying Pg.294 that Meg had to pay him to take her out, she snapped and threw her cereal and milk at him. Pg. 261

3. Meg hated her new private school in D.C 3. During the campaign Megs parents where everyone stared and was intimidated weren’t around much and realized it by her when she just wanted to be normal, had a big impact on her younger so she often got irritated and became rude to brother Steven. She was the adult them. Pg.208 figure in his life, attending his baseball games. Pg. 98
4. Meg didn’t enjoy the paparazzi or having the secret service always following her around and 4. Meg attended her mother’s speech often had them try to dress casual. Pg.208 to a woman’s group which made her mother pleased to know she wanted
5. Meg didn’t like being in the spotlight and to watch and support her Pg.282 avoided the balls and fancy dinners her parents always attended, even though they begged 5. Meg always kept on a strong face her to go. Pg.182 for her little brothers when they were all missing their parents, always Comforting them

1. The book The President’s Daughter, written by Ellen Emerson White is about The Powers family who lives in Massachusetts. The main character is Meg, and she has two younger brothers, Steven and Neal. Her father is a lawyer who is currently taking time off his job and Her mother is a Senator who has decided to run for president. Meg’s family only sees her mother a few days a week because she is always working around the country. It has an impact on her family, especially Meg who is sometimes bitter towards her mother for not being around as much as she would like. Meg is shocked about her mother’s decision to run for president and worries that she will see her mother even less. The campaign process starts and it is a clear that her mom has a good chance of winning the election. Her mother is home even less, which