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The Prince Essay
Chapter 16 addresses the question of whether a prince should spend money freely, or be frugal with it. Niccolo Machiavelli argues that generosity will ruin a prince, because the requirements of a reputation for generosity will soon outrun his resources, and he will be forced to take his people’s wealth to fund his extravagance. This will naturally make his people hate him, and cause him endless problems. On the other hand, if a prince is willing to be known as a cheapskate, he will in time be appreciated for the fact that he doesn’t need to burden his people in order to maintain his state. Machiavelli says it is necessary to be generous with the wealth of others. “A prince, therefore, since he cannot without injury to himself practice the virtue of liberality so that it may be known, if he be wise, greatly concern himself though he be called miserly. (Machiavelli 47)”
This chapter could be applied to the Affordable Care Act because in a way the government is being generous to people without health care, but a lot of people are worried that it will take more money away from them, while they already have health insurance. This is causing a lot of problems for the president, as Machiavelli said it would, many state officials and insurance carriers were anxious over whether to follow Obama’s request. Some states that have always been on board with the president’s health reforms, such as Washington and New York, declined the administration’s request.