The Princess Bride Essay

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“The Princess Bride” With romance, revenge, sword fights, and a masked man this unique compelling novel of the abridge version of Princess Bride tells a tale of love defying all odds. Throughout the story, the main characters face challenges testing the fate in their so-called true love and how far the characters will go in order to be together. Loving someone comes with enduring the hardships, which sums up the moral of whether love can conquer all. From the very start, Westley’s strong affections for Buttercup became his sole purpose to improve his life in order for Buttercup to be happy with him. Sailing to another land to seek his fortune, he encounters pirates who took over their ship and was planning to kill everyone for the pirates left no one alive. Westley’s will to live as he pleaded for his life sparked the curiosity of the captain of the pirates for it was the way Westley expressed his divine love that kept him alive. They kept him alive as a prisoner and spent 3 years learning new skills on the pirate ship. He chose to become a prisoner just to stay alive in order to continue loving Buttercup. By threatening Buttercup, she will be married to a prince but she only agreed because of a misunderstanding that pirates killed Westley. When Westley returns home to find Buttercup engaged to another man he felt betrayed and hurt for she promised to wait for him until his return. Overcoming his conflicted emotions, he tries to rescue Buttercup when she was kidnapped by a group of men. Battling the swordsmanship of a skilled Spaniard, wits of a Sicilian, and the brute strength of a Turk he uses all his gained skills to save his one true love. The unbelievable perseverance striving within Westley pushes him further to get his beloved to safety shows devotion and the genuine love he has for her. Encountering many struggles and challenges that could easily push him to the brink of death, nothing will stop the affections he carries for her. Buttercup decides to leave Westley in order to save him but his doomed fate with the prince was inevitable for he taken away to a death machine. As