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The Princess Bride by William Goldman Characters
One of the most changed characters in the princess bride is Westley, He has changed throughout the story to exceed his limits and wishes to impress Buttercup and overcome the obstacles standing in his way. At the beginning of princess bride Westley was a farm boy and was referred to as that by Buttercup. Westley started doing work for Buttercups family since he was an orphaned boy and ever since he knew Buttercup she continuingly taunts and “controls” him. Westley disregarded those taunts and continued to try to please Buttercup in discreet ways by saying things like “As you wish” and obeying her every order without complaint. After Buttercup turned 17 years old people around her started to recognize her beauty, one person of importance that wanted to witness this beauty was the count and his wife but they didn’t want it to be obvious. During this time the count and his wife talk to Buttercups parents about their special “cows” but that’s not what he really came to see, the count then asks Buttercup about the cows while intensely staring at her, that’s when the countess steps out and asks to see the “farm boy”. The countess ask him if he has a name and he told her “Westley” at this point Buttercup was observing the way the countess looked at Westley and wondered why and what was so special about him. Later that night Buttercup laid in her bed and all she could think about was Westley and his “perfections” so she decided to go tell him how she felt. Buttercup makes her way too Westley’s shack and knocks on his down and tells him “I love you” and he simply shuts the door in her face without a word. The next day Westley came to visit Buttercup to say goodbye, Westley wanted to go to America so he could make more money build a farm-house and make a bed big enough for two, Buttercup didn’t understand at first and thought Westley was talking about the Countess, but Westley told her that he was talking about her by telling Buttercup he loved her, They hooked thumbs and then Westley was off to begin his journey. After a few years of Westley journey, Buttercup had heard that he was dead, her finding this out made her devastated and she vowed to never love anyone. During this time the prince of Florin needed a bride of beauty to represent as the next queen, But he didn’t know how to find one, so he asked his right hand man Count Rugen to look for the most beautiful girl in Florin, the count stated he knew of someone but they were a commoner, the prince did not care and thus the count set off to find Buttercup. Once the count found Buttercup he then took her to the prince and the prince asked her to marry him, Buttercup simply stated she would rather die than love again, the prince then said I don’t want you to love me just marry me and so she did, After they agreed to get married the now “princess Buttercup” went into the forest on her horse to get her mind off all the things that were happening, in the forest she gets kidnapped and the kidnappers plan to kill her, They then start taking her to a place called guilder so they could frame the death on them. The kidnappers started to notice a man in black who was actually Westley following them to the cliffs of insanity which was towards the direction of guilder. The kidnappers climb up the cliffs of insanity with a rope and see the man in black is still following them so they decide to split up and see who the man in black is, the first one to wait for the man in black was Inigo and expert swordsman he wanted to fight the man in black so Inigo decided to drop the extra rope they had to help him get up faster. The man in black and Inigo began their fight and it was interesting