The principles and importance of normal Essay

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The principles and importance of normalization
Steven Smith, Andrew Sandoval, Michael Mojica, Jason Price
18 March 2013
Dr. Goodwin
The principles and importance of normalization

The task assigned in Service Request SR-ht-003, “Develop a Design for a Fleet Truck Maintenance Database” for Huffman Trucking has been created. This paper will give a description and show the importance of normalization in relationship to this project and address the process by which the project was normalized.
Normalization is considered a formal process that is used in determining which fields belong in which tables in a relational database. The function of normalization is to eliminate redundant data and to promote a greater overall organization of the database for functionality. Other areas that show the importance of normalization are:
Reduction of storage space required and standard maintenance due to long strings of VIN numbers and vehicle ID’s used to account for the fleet.
Unique identification of the records held in the database, such as repairs per vehicle and the associated cost.
The elimination of specific types of unwanted dependencies.
Makes for easy simple data retrieval when doing queries and reports used to track previous and upcoming maintenance inspections associated with DOT request.
Gets rid of uncalled for dependency relationships within the database such as tire rotation and vehicle description.
The process of normalization that was used for the fleet…