The Privilege Walk Analysis

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The Privilege Walk showcases scenarios of which affect our lives in way we are not aware of. Opportunities play a huge factor in these scenarios, as it can decide how we as individuals perceive life. The theories of social construction of race and white privileges also affect individuals, because it alters our chances in succeeding. Although, there have been situation where white privilege halts any progress or opportunities for individuals. This creates a unequal and oppress state, where individuals are not given the same privileges as there “white” counter parts. From the Privilege walk, I stand below a majority of classmates due to my ethnicity and has affect me in life.
My ethnicity, gender, color, and class are an aspect of my life that reflects my
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Prior to this type of oppression, there people were not classified due to “race” and peace among different race had also existed. It is mentioned in the video that the elites needed individuals to continue their labor they gave these individuals a small portion of power. As stated, “the elite had to “teach Whites the value of whiteness” in order to divide and rule their labor forces” (Rotenberg 33). Such power lead to the creation of white privilege, as it oppresses individuals of different race to work for the people of white. These also lead individuals to blame those without white privilege the fault of problems such as the economy. We see throughout history that different races suffer and been given fewer privileges. Even in modern times, we see individuals being denied jobs, applications and often harassed of their race, ethnicity and skin color. From the Privilege walk and Wise’s theory, white privilege is seen as a way for elite to control who or what remains on top and oppress those they find unworthy to move up in the social