Freedom Of Choice Essay

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Freedom Of Choice What is the problem of evil? Who caused it? Why can it not be prevented? There is no simple correct answer for this question and there are many different answers depending on what you believe. From what I have learned and gathered in class I believe that it mainly has to do with logic. How is God all good when there is evil in the world? Why did he create it in the first place? If God is all-powerful then why does he not prevent it? Some say it is because of how things work, better known as logic. If you jump out a 5th story window you will break many bones on impact if not die. If God swoops in and makes you bounce back up there would be no consequence, learning experience, or logic. There would be complete KAOS and everyone would be jumping out windows and off cliffs because there was no consequence to their actions. Another factor for this is freedom of choice. If you chose to hop out of a window you should know from reason that you will be injured in some way shape or form. There would be no way for you to learn those consequences if God bounced you back up, you would not learn anything and you would most likely do it again. If God took away freedom of choice everyone would act the same and our world would be a totally different place without any options. God gives you the freedom to rob a bank as long as you know the consequences coming. People choose to rob a bank or irresponsibly use a weapon. There is no one but their self who chooses