The Process Of A Communication Project

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The past few weeks in this course has been amazing. I have learned so much about the world around me, and I see differently when I look at my surroundings. Things that didn’t make sense before now make perfect sense. When I began my communication project, I thought “oh this will be simple, I’ll just put some things together that look pretty” To my surprise pretty might send a message, but it won’t sent the message of my intent. I started the process for my final project by constructing and outline. The outline was not as polished as the one that was required for the assignment, but it was very helpful with organizing my thoughts. It also helped me to determine where I was going overboard, and potentially crowding. My outline also helped me to determine that one page was not going to deliver the message for me. That is when I decided that Power point would be the appropriate medium of delivery. With Microsoft Power point I am able to deliver my idea which is a little less simple. My intention is to deliver a visual message that is relaxing, but evokes deep thought about what my intention as the author is. The process of constructing this visual has required a great deal of research as well as back and forth with what stays and what goes. I think that if I had failed to complete the research and outline my final project would be some things that just look pretty together. The intent of my message is advertising for a restaurant. It is intended to deliver a calming effect