Essay on The Process of Breaking Up

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Being heartbroken can make life hurtful. There is a time when couples that are truly in love decide to let go. The three situations that can chip away the emotional value of the relationship are from being over controlling, unable to communicate, or unacceptable behaviors. Couples should always work these three problems out in order to live a happy life. The main things in building a relationship is learning how to trust each other, communicating and never hurt each other’s feeling no matter what goes wrong. Being over controlling can lead to a boring relationship. If a boy is so much in love with his girlfriend, he would be more concerns about the way she dresses. He wouldn’t want her to wear tight clothes or show her body to other men, other than him, this can make her feel like that he is too controlling and that she has no right to tell him what she feels. During this kind of relationship, one person can ask start asking questions such as where the person was and why are they talking to this person?. It can lead to suspicious cheating and mistrust. Not being to communicate with each other can make things worse. One side can have different mind than the other. One might want to continue his or her education while the other side doesn’t agree. One might not be responsible like the other. One might want to travel to a different place while the other doesn’t. One would want to have a child while the other never wants to have a baby. Not able to work things out can make problems will lead to more problems. Having an unacceptable behavior can lead to never coming back. Every couple have some…