The Process Of The College Process

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My college process has been long and very tiresome and at many times I almost felt like giving up. From the grades to the test taking, to the application filling out the college process is very hard and takes a lot of patience. In this essay I will explain the college process and the things that every senior must know, and follow to be successful in to getting in the University of his or her choice. First part of the college application process I would like to explain is obviously the application itself. The first objective is you have to get the application. There are many ways to get the application wither it be by mail, or going to the schools website and filling it out online. Me personally I feel as if the best way to get the essay is to go online. The second step of the application is making sure that you are aware of all of the application deadlines the worst thing that you could do is to miss an application deadline and not be able to apply the school of your desire. The step in the application process is being aware of the early application deadlines. Getting your application in early will be great helping your application get move to the top of the list. And it will also show you are serious about attending there school. The next step in the college application process is submitting your transcript. Without your transcript you will not be able to attend any University. College gets money from alumni and the government. And based on their school GPA detriments just how much money they are able to get. So colleges want to know how your grades look.
Another step and I feel is one of the biggest steps is Take an admission test. There are many different admissions test such as (e.g., SAT Subject Tests, AP Exams, and IB exams) these test allow colleges to see withier or not you are qualified to attend there university. Also depending on your grades in school will show you how high you must score on these admissions test. Once you have gotten the best possible score you must send your scores to the colleges you wish to review your application. Also some schools require letters of recommendation. A recommendation letter or letter of recommendation is a letter in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics of a person. These Letters should write by teachers and counselors, and other important people in the community…