The Process Of Writing

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After writing this portfolio I learned about myself that gift of writing is not one that I have, but at least I can write enough to be understood and comprehend what I read. I may not have all the skills down pack; a little practice and a lot of reading will help with advancement of all skills needed to be a writer if I want to write. As a thinker it makes me map out a plan and push hard enough to accomplish the goals or dreams I have. The learning process of writing is long and very complicated. Writing is a skill that you have to work on from beginning to end and end to beginning again. To write you must first know how to read, with understanding. The writing process requires you to research, brainstorm and then begin writing. After you have written about your topic you should reread, edit and even have someone else read it. Sometimes writing may even have you trash your first draft and start all over. The skill that I developed that will help me in the future is learning how to compose a paper. The idea that you need a thesis a strong intro a supporting body and a conclusion will help me in the future. I never know when I might need to write a paper and how formal I may need to be with that paper. I also learned how to write an informal paper/letter. I took from the larger conversation with others what I already knew. I don’t like to speak with people I don’t really know. I tend to be a little taken back with people that I don’t know, and I remember