The Progressive Era Research Paper

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Progressivism was the reform movement that ran from the late 19th century into the beginning of the 20th century. During this time the leaders of society looked to reform and address the economic, political, and cultural problems of the United States. Progressives believed society needed change due to the new industrial landscape of America. Many Americans found common complaints that crossed through region, class, religion, and ethnicity. Progressives often imposed their solutions to the poor and disregarded what was actually best for the oppressed. Most of them acted purely out of remembrance. They wanted to bring back traditional American values as democracy, individual opportunity, and public service. Progressives shared a lot in common …show more content…
Seeing the nation splitting by conflict, progressives did their best to restore a sense of community through a public interest. This interest was Christian Ethics, it helped guide the idea of using scientific methods to gather and analyze data about social problems. Much like corporations, progressives used careful management, coordinated systems, and specialized groups to carry out reforms and changes. Journalism helped the progressives immensely. By documenting and writing about dishonesty people got evoked and educated on the wrong doings in society. This movement of Progressivism would not have taken off as much as it did without them.
Also, Progressives tried to move past the idea of solutions and they stressed volunteering and collective action or community work. With the organizing models they used this became very simple and many interest groups were formed. After a while the voluntary action failed and progressive looked to the government for help with protecting public welfare. This caused the executive branch to get more powerful.
In all, Progressives professionalized the middle class, brought people closer together to help out the welfare of lesser people, and made other social reforms that made society more modernized for the industrial age. Progressive made society somewhat better by updating it and organizing it more even with their many failed attempts at different ideas. The progressive era helped shape society and ideas about society during this