The Proof of God Essay

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The Proof of God

In a modern day era, with high tech cell phones and constant connection with your friends through social media outlets, religion has seemed to take a back burner in many American family homes. With the hustle and bustle of both parents working full time jobs, the seventh day is often taken as a day of rest for the family rather than a day at church reflecting and praising Gods work. Society has begun losing faith in God and the church, hindering ones support and belief system, making people rely more heavily on friends and family in times of need. This has caused the amount of people attending church to dwindle over the last few decades, compared to when all the towns’ people met every Sunday at church. With the decline of number of people attending church, schools removing many of Gods symbols in the classroom, and science discovering more about our Earth every day, the debate of God’s existence becomes a more controversial and discussed topic. God exists in many of the major religions throughout the world such as Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Although the practices of all these religions vary to an extent, the idea of a sole, ultimate being that is perfect in all ways exists. The universal view in all of these religions is that God is the creator of heaven and Earth, and that everything in both is loved and touched by God’s hands. He creates gifts in our lives by giving us our loving children and by blessing us with a loving partner. He has made all of mankind to be what we are today; a living, breathing, loving developer that can vary greatly to be unique in every which way. And although very unique in appearance and personality, what makes up a human being physiologically is so very exact from person to person that it must be by design. The complexity of the human body takes many people nearly a decade of specialized schooling to understand just a portion of the body. Our nervous system itself is incredibly complex, for such a simple task that we all take for granted everyday. We are blessed with the ability to touch and feel objects; we can tell what is soft compared to something that is abrasive. We can also feel pain when someone strikes us, or feel the pain of a bad burn. However we often forget that this nervous system is so complex, that when people often lose the sensation in a limb, it often takes extended periods of time and countless expensive tests with advanced technology to correct the deficiency. How does mankind, the most intelligent and dominate species on Earth, have such a difficult time figuring out our own bodies? It is because this is not our creation. Mankind has not evolved due to our own desires, it has been with guidance from a much greater being who wants us to succeed in his world. We have educated ourselves through research and teachings through many generations making us smarter, but we have not made the brain work any differently. Our creation is so intricate in every aspect that man has not been able to successfully duplicate God’s work. But this attention to detail is not just in man, it is in every object on Earth. Everything from the trees that grow which gives us oxygen so we can breathe, to the oceans that provide as much food as it does mystery. This magnificent work from God, one where we only know such a small percentage of, truly shows how great of a being he truly is. And when you think about the greatest possible being there is, one who is perfect in every way, according to St. Anselm, you are thinking of God. And regardless if you resist the acknowledgement of there being a God, and you think of the greatest being you can conceive, it is still God (Mosser, 2010, section 4.1). People may have different versions of their God, if they can conceive a greater higher power; this being must exist as God. In Christianity, God and Christ are “spoken of as