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The Prophet
By Catherine Rice

Once Upon A Time there lived a little boy who lived in Mecca, Arabia. His name was

Muhammad's daddy passed away before he was born and his mommy died when he was just six years old.

Muhammad was then taken in by his grandpa who took very good care of him.
Sadly his grandpa also passed away only two years later. Now Muhammad got to live with his uncle!

When Muhammad turned twelve years old, him and his uncle decided to take a vacation and go on a magical journey to Syria!

While on their journey they stopped in the town of Busra, where Muhammad met nice
Christian monk named Bahira.

Basira told Muhammads uncle that he should one day return with Muhammad and protect him from the hatred of the Jews. He said that Muhammad in the future will have a great job!

Muhammad soon grew up and became a well behaved man. His friends even gave him a nickname.
“The Faithful.”

When Muhammad was old enough he moved away from his home because he didn’t like the way the people around him lived. Muhammad moved to the hot desert so he could seclude himself and be away from all the people that made him upset.

When he turned 40 years old, God started to send messages to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.

God told Muhammad that he was the messenger to all of the people. The messages
God sent to Muhammad were all the holy
Qur’an and it was for all of humanity.

Muhammud was told to deliver this message to the people and he did.

For the