The Prophets Of Allah Essay

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The Prophets of Allah (swt) Summary

Sayyidina Adam and his wife Eve
Sayyidina Adam was the first prophet of Islam and the first human being. Allah (swt) made Adam of clay, modeled him with His own hands and gave him his soul. When Adam was created, the angels were ordered to bow down before him. All angels bowed down in sign of respect and honor except Iblis, who as a result, Allah (swt) banished from Jannah for disobedience to Allah’s (swt) command. Adam approached the angels and greeted them with Assalamu Alaikum, which means, “May God’s peace be upon you”. From this day on, this became the greeting of all the believers of Allah (swt) instructing them to spread peace. Adam’s wife Eve (in Arabic Hawwa) was created from Adam’s rib while he slept. Allah (swt) created Eve in order to ease Adam’s loneliness and bring him tranquility. Adam and Eve lived in tranquility in Paradise. Islam tells us that all of Paradise was theirs to enjoy and Allah (swt) said to Adam, “eat both of you freely with pleasure and delight of things therein as wherever you will…” (Quran 2:35). Adam and Eve were warned not to eat from a particular tree in Jannah. They were also warned not to succumb to the temptations of the shaytan (Iblis) because it would bring them harm. But Iblis had convinced and manipulated Adam and Eve into eating from the forbidden tree, and consequentially Allah (swt) banned them from Jannah and put both on earth. For Adam and his descendants, they have the choice to obey Allah (swt) and be taken to Jannah or join the deceitful shaytan (Iblis) and go to hell fire.

Sayyidina Nuh and his Wife Allah (swt) sent his messenger Noah (in Arabic Nuh) to guide the people away from the worshipping of statues. Nuh was a very wise and excellent speaker. He spoke to the people of Allah’s mightiness and explained to them that the heavens and earth were created by no other than the Divine Creator Himself. He explained to them that the shaytan had deceived them into worshipping idols and that worshipping anyone but Allah (swt) had serious consequences. He had touched the hearts of many people with his words, but still many did not believe anything Nuh claimed. But Nuh continued appealing to his people to believe in Allah (swt). Allah (swt) told Nuh to build an arc with the help of the believers. This arc enabled Nuh and his family to survive the Great Flood, which washed out all the non-believers. Nuh was commanded to take with him a male and a female of each kind of living thing, and to also take his family members and a small from of believers from the community. The waters began to rise and pour from the skies and earth, washing away all the non-believers but the arc floated atop the water and survived the storm. Then Allah said, “O Nuh! Come down from your ship with peace from us, and blessings on you and on some of the peoples who will spring from those with you. But there will be other people who will lead a life of pleasure for a time, only in the end to be punished by us.” Sayyidina Nuh’s wife was a non-believer. She did not join Nuh on the arc for she did not believe in her husbands preaching. As a consequent she perished along with the other disbelievers in the Great Flood, along with Nuh’s eldest son who was also a non-believer. There isn’t many information about Nuh’s wife, except that she is referred to as an evil woman in the Holy Quraan and she went around telling people that her husband was crazy for what he was preaching.

Sayyidina Hud Some of Nuh’s people, the people of ‘Ad, began to worship idols and develop sinful habits such as alcohol, cheating and gambling. Allah (Swt) selected one amongst the people of ‘Ad to become a prophet and guide the people on the righteous path of Allah (swt) again. Prophet Hud tried to teach them that there is only one God, and He is the creator of all things such as rain, food and health and that they should stop worshipping idols. He begged them to live according to Allah’s (swt) will. He