The Proposal Of Hist 281 Essay

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The Proposal of Hist 281 Essay
The topic of my essay is: The influence of Christianity development related to the rebellion in East Asia since 1500
My essay is focus on the influence of Christianity since the western explorers found and contacted with East Asia. In my opinion, Christianity can be regarded as a “flag” that is symbolizing western effect through the whole world. One typical method of Christianity establishing influence was built Christian church and converted local people religion. The permission of building church definitely was not costless or without any restricted conditions that can be accepted due to western cultural effect, commercial trading, and conquered by war. Here the effect of Christianity can be shown in different regions such as mainland China, Macao, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan in each period. While the growing of Christianity was overwhelming, the confliction of religious expansion is inevitable such as threatening local religions or even causing the panic of local government. Therefore, there was a serious of rebellion leading by Christianity or anti-Christianity that played an important role in East Asia history.
The key questions and of my essay emphasize the reason and result of a serious of rebellion in East asia. For example, the reason and result of Taiping rebellion related to Christianity. Christianity plays an important role in this rebellion, such as rebels supporting by church member due to religious rebellion with Christianity guiding leader. Also, if the rebellion successfully overturned Manchu regime, Christianity has a large probability to become the state religion.Donghak Peasant Revolution antiforeignsm resists against western culture and Christianity. As the typical representation of western, Christianity not only brought ideology to Korea, but also educated a group of people that was minor at the very first beginning and then growing up. Donghak was a opposed religion against Christianity. Similarly, Japan also had rebellion causing by Christianity which was more ealier than China and Korea that was called Shimabara Rebellion, a Christianity religious rebellion. The cause and effort of this rebellion can be the key question with deeply thinking from religious, financial, and political aspects.
The argument of Christianity is that does Christianity brings peace and pofits to East Asia, and what class are more easier to accepted Christianity. Beyond these obvious arguments,…