The Pros And Cons Of Alexander Hamilton

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In response to this Executive Order, Alexander Hamilton would passionately disagree with the order, since it does not allow people in the same circumstances he has experienced to live a full and purposeful life. With humble beginnings from being born out of wedlock in the Caribbean to the financially insecure shrivels of a family, Alexander Hamilton personally understands how recognition of talent, in his case George Washington, can change his entire being. Through immigrating to New York, he started his life over as a new man, under the guidance and protection serving the United States. In the same way, over 200 years later, the separation between well-to-do individuals and the rabble is apparent, especially with the Executive Order’s explicit …show more content…
According to the First Amendment, citizens of the United States have the right to freedom of religion, which many would believe the order breaks. However, this Executive Order is technically constitutional because the order does not discriminate based on religion, but rather explicitly based on country of origin: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen. Also, as the ban is temporary, only 90 days long, this Executive Order displays the power of the federal government taking control of the terrorist issue on a small scale first, and experimenting to see the results of this temporary ban. In addition, other Muslim-majority countries that house hundreds of thousands of refugees are not part of this seven country list because the citizens do not pose as large a threat to the US, so the proposition Muslims are not allowed in the country is disproven. In the Executive Order, President Trump expressed that the Executive Order is as a mean to reevaluate the visa program being abused by generally Muslim radicals. However, although the Executive Order is exercising the US power to tighten and secure the borders when it comes to immigration, the order is far from ethical. As seen through the riots and protests at airports, Americans have become upset about the blanket-term the US