The Pros And Cons Of Artificial Intelligence

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Automation is the idea that there is an unstoppable march towards progress. A majority of the time, this progress is a result of or includes technology. Due to the speed of technology, people are starting to worry about the effects automation will have on our society, specifically the job market. While some jobs will become obsolete, automation will essentially alter the way we work rather than decrease the number of jobs. Through automation, it can be seen that class, racial, and gender inequality have the potential to change in our future.
One aspect of automation that is incredibly prevalent is artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is the ability for machines to have human intelligence. Companies such as Apple and Amazon are beginning to test artificial intelligence in everyday items to create more efficient ways of living. One popular example of AI is Google Maps. Google Maps helps users show exactly where a location is, how to get to that location, where the traffic is, routes by foot and bike etc.
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One is the original method which involves inputting every piece of necessary information and allowing the AI to only have access to what has been implemented (Holland 1975). The second, and more currently used, involves a more biological approach. In this sense, researchers implant a single code and allow the AI to grow along with it. This is essentially the same way humans are created. Humans begin with a single cell which then splits and creates multiple cells to develop our brain, our body, and our functions. AI does the same except with a code. The code multiplies to build and design their own thoughts and functions (Holland 1975). However, humans have the ability to determine which direction the code will evolve. Rather than robots having the intelligence of everything, researchers are only programming robots to excel in certain areas, not all (Holland