The Pros And Cons Of Asian International Immigration

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Asian International Immigration

About one million of Asian people emigrated to the U.S. between 19th and 20th century. When we look at the factors of immigration, each individual country has its own characteristics of reasons that led to mass immigration to Western countries such as geopolitical factor, political upheaval, economic change or religious persecution (Chan, 1982). Very interestingly, these push factors utterly reflected each nation’s situation and resulted in interesting consequences. For example, most of the countries’ immigrants came from a geographically concentrated area. In case of China, Canton and Guangdong were famous of cities for most immigrants have flowed out. The feature of Canton that its vicinity and openness to outside world let
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For instance, Both Filipino people and Indians, mostly peasants, faced political corruption and mistreatment from high rank groups of people, so their economic situation were getting more worse as time goes by. Due to these circumstances, they were almost pushed out forcefully to find a new hope in a new place (Bulosan, 1973). In case of India, because both Canada and India were under the control of British, many India could get a chance to go to Canada for a work of train railroad construction or as army or police force(Clear, 1982). In my opinion, there is no doubt Imperialism and Colonialism greatly affected two countries in both negative and positive ways and education of English was the one of the big factors that enabled people to immigrate to foreign countries. When I think this event in another point of view, I would like to say that even though Imperialism and Colonialism made gave people great pain and grief, but they could also be a turning point of economic development and connection to the outside world full of great investments and items. Also, Indians and FIlipino people could get developed countries’ education and learn English, so I guess there was at least