The Pros And Cons Of Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima

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President Truman had to make a very controversial call, it was to drop two atomic bombs on Hiroshima. Many people think he made a rash and harsh decision, but when you look at the facts that is all wrong. President Truman made a calm and calculated decision by dropping those bombs, he made a definitive statement to not only Japan but too the world, he saved millions of lives in the process, he chose the better of two bad options. President Truman didn’t decide to bomb these cities easily. He had a bunch of data taken on the cities and the cities occupants. He didn’t want to kill just to kill, he wanted to make a statement and so he chose these cities with care and time. President Truman bombed these cities during World War II, which was (as some say) “a total war” a war where the whole nation is involved so these cities could actually be put on the list as military targets. President Truman didn’t just bomb these cities because they were big he calculated things like productivity in the cities and industrialization in the cities. Truman didn’t want to completely annihilate them he just wanted to warn Japan, so he left them with enough industry and productivity to easily rebuild. President Truman didn’t just bomb the cities because of their productivity and industry, he also did it because it sent a statement. It sent a statement to not only Japan but the world as well. The statement said don’t mess with the United States of America, because we have this, atomic bomb. The Soviet Union looked like it was going to become a big problem after the war and this statement was also for them saying don’t even try anything. President Truman’s decision to drop these bombs were not only because of productivity, industry, and to make a statement, but also to save a lot of lives. The statement that the United States President, Truman, decided to make was not just to show the power that the United States of America has but also to save many