The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

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College, Is it a good idea?
Did you know that college can benefit you in more ways than one? Attending a college after high school is one of the many great decisions a teenager will make. If you study the pros and cons of going to college, you’ll find that there are countless reasons why you should go to one. Perhaps the most compelling two reasons are that college will deepen your knowledge and education about different career choices, and will prepare you for more preferable, higher paying jobs. Although there have been several examples of people who didn't make it to college who still have a high paying job, the fact still remains that numerous jobs nowadays require you to have a college degree or some sort of post high school education
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According to this article, statistics show that ¨workers with a bachelor´s degree... earned about $415 more a week than workers whose highest level of education is a high school diploma¨ (“New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays”). This explains that the overall income of a person with a bachelor’s degree is way higher then a person who only has a high school diploma. Also this says that you’ll get paid more if you have more education past your high school diploma. In that same article it says, ¨workers with a professional degree, such as lawyers and physicians, earned about $612 more a week than did workers with a bachelor’s degree—and over $1,000 more per week than workers who have a high school diploma as their highest level of education. Plus, at 2.4 percent, the unemployment rate for workers with a professional degree was also the lowest of any education level” (“New School Year, Old Story: Education Pays”). This is stating that the more degrees in education you get will benefit you majorly financially. A greater income will help make you less stressed out because you will not be worrying about the bill you have to pay. Being compatible for a higher paying job helps make life easier for