The Pros And Cons Of Banning Books

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“Offensive Language, Drugs, Alcohol, Violence, Graphic Images, Inaccurate, Religious viewpoint” These are but a few materials that are in books that we read. People should be allowed to read such stuff. (Counterclaim) But you have to remember that some of these materials are read by underage child who check out a book or what the book has may be offensive to someone. Some books should be banned from the libraries (Claim).

“The irony of banning books: are you really "protecting" your children from the evils of the world?” – Neha K. Memphis. Mrs. Memphis argues that there are some books that were read by parents when they were young had been once banned. There are certain books that are classic, such as The Scarlet Letter. Huckleberry Finn. Harry Potter. To Kill a Mockingbird, were once banned. Harry Potter had been banned due to it was based on Witchcraft.

However, some of this classic books have a
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You say that you are in favor of banning any kind of book—well what about…The Great Gatsby? How do you feel about The Diary of Anne Frank? Or Beloved? … Who knows what someone has in mind when they’re answering that question? A terrorist how-to guide? Are they thinking literature?” –Lisa Peet. There are people who believe that certain books should be banned. There are 18% of adult felt that there are certain books that should be banned.

There are books that are based on movies or movies based on books. Movies are rated, so should not books be rated like movies? 71% of people feel that books should be rating just like the movies. There, 31 % people would agree highly with the 71%. If books were rated, it seems easier to know what books should be banned based on their ratings from libraries and they should not allow this banned book to be checked out. 31% believe that librarian should prevent underage groups from checking out inappropriate books, that isn’t they’re