The Pros And Cons Of Climate Change

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Climate Change
Climate change is one of the most contentious public policy go through the world today. While there is just about no argument challenging the matter of the ongoing global warming, what is essentially being questioned is whether climate change is anthropogenic or simply a natural, cyclical phenomenon upon which human activities do not cast a major impact. This paper will make an effort to compare these two opposing perspectives on climate change.
Science of Climate Change
A comparison of the different perspectives on the obtaining global warming takes off from the basics of the new science of climate change. This field covers several disciplines including chemistry, meteorology, physics, biology, oceanography, and even sociology
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These changes will separate into both advantages and disadvantages on natural system and wildlife. This is because all kind of greenhouse gases can keep in the atmosphere at least a hundreds of years only will release all greenhouse gases and the increased warming on the climate will continuously very long times.

2.1Greenhouse effect impacts climate change to in Australia
(a)Where do greenhouse gases come from to impact Australia?
According to World Wind Fund for Nature (WWF) explained that the larger and highest of greenhouse gases producer is Australians, because of their greediness for natural resources and wealth.
The mainly source of greenhouse gas pollution were 72% from energy including 51% on stationary energy, 14% on transport, 7% on fugitive emissions such as oil and gas production, 15.9% from agriculture, 5.7% from industrial process such as aluminum and cement production, 4% on land use, land - use forestry and charge and about 2.6% from waste.
Because of those sources that produce greenhouse gases, the greenhouse gases have affect the climate change to wildlife and natural system in