The Pros And Cons Of Cosmetology

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“It is a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together” – unknown. The way hair looks, is someone’s crown that one never takes off. It is a reflection of one’s style and being. Being a part of a profession that manages and maintains people’s needs and wants, it is a necessity. It is one’s health in the hands of another. When researching the career of cosmetology it is important to include the history, skills and education and positive and negative aspects of the profession.
Texture, color, shape, and length, all hair and makeup are different across the globe since the beginning of human kind. Cosmetology dates back as far as Chinese culture, the Chou Dynasty (1100 B.C.) were fairly strict on their social status. Women would be
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This is a major pro to the business. Although, the lack of knowledge can make one unsuccessful at what they are doing. Which puts them at risk. There are pros and cons of cosmetology, and as said, education is one out of many factors. Another factor is communication and being personable with every day interaction. Being a cosmetologist requires personal interaction and building up relationships with clients. Personable cosmetologists build up clientele and have better business. As well as business, they have the opportunities to start entrepreneur-ships (if financially able). Self-employment gives cosmetologists “freedom to make decisions about their fees and work hours.” Cons about working for hair salons are the wages. As Bureau of Labor Stats uncovered in 2010 that cosmetologists make an hourly wage of $10.94. Another con for cosmetology is the physical demands. Hairstylist have to be on their feet most of the day in order to cut hair. This may result later in lower back pain or feet/leg problems. Chemicals and dyes are in play and may also “irritate skin and eyes or aggravate allergies”. The job can be personally satisfying and make others feel good about themselves. After a long, tricky hairstyle/cut, it may feel very satisfying to get the job done right. The clientele helps with this factor when they react to their new