The Pros And Cons Of Deer Hunting In China

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The average price, per pound, for red meat at any local food market, given some variables, is most times around $2.50-$5.50, per pound.(BLS). Does not seem like much, until the annual grocery expenses, primarily red meat, of a “big- city” samaritan is compared to that of a hunter's; the average that a hunter pays annually, out of pocket, is, most times, no more than what a new pair of nikes costs. Many would ask, “why is this important? What does it have to do with the price of wheat in China?” Simple; deer hunting is beneficial to the environment and society as long as those who choose to hunt take responsibility for their actions in the field; pick up the trash left behind, if any; run poachers of property(s), let property owner(s) know who is planning to be out there that season, …show more content…
Basically knowing the difference between right and wrong, and having good sportsmanship. In other words, having priorities where they are supposed to be at. Another thing to take into great consideration is safety. means being smart on what gear is taken out to the woods, or wherever it may be on is going; what goes out must come back, plus more if a deer(or more) is harvested. There are, however, hunters who will, just out of courtesy, not only clean up after themselves, but after the ones whom were there before them; they should not have to, nor do they need to, but out of respect for the property owner they do. If a hunter is presented with a shot, it is the hunter’s responsibility to make the shot a clean shot; meaning waiting for a clean broadside shot, or letting the animal walk. “Every hunter has an opinion.” Says Brace Ranta. “Some revere it; others believe it is a vile and despicable activity.”(Ranta, 2) Trophy-hunting, especially trophy deer hunting, is really unclear when it comes to whether or not it is morally correct. Still, due to varying personal ethics, it is a very touchy subject to