The Pros And Cons Of Discrimination

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Dont Discriminate
Eventhough soceity has overcomed several obstacles in discrimination. In todas soceity teens as well as adults are being discriminated to people sexual orientation. (Wolfe 1) Homosexuals suffer with homophobics, costumers feeling uncomfortable and low self esteem. (1)
November 7th became a historic day when the House Of Representative passed a bill that protects lesbians, gay mens and bisexuals from being discriminated in the work place. (1) Due to recent studies sixteen percent of gays and lesbians have been denied the chance to work or have beenn terminated because the empployement Non-Duscriminationn Act has been rejected by congress since 1974 when it gets introduced. According to the House Bill, it is ilegal for General manager
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Controversial opponents to the house bill believe that if the law is passed, the result will be in frivoulous litigation. Opponents believe that the federal Government should not tell bussiness owners how to opérate it. (1) Opponents to the discrimination in the workplace make arguments about how discrimination complains in the workplace can be a waste of time, but when an empployee feels that workplace inequality is being prosecute, legal redress might be the only way out. Lesbians, bisexuals as well as transgenders have revolutionated over the centuries. (Arthur, 3) Even though is the 21st century, the country still suffers with discrimination against sexual mminorities in the workplace. Eisenhower had an order banning the employement with homosexuals during the 1950’s. Around that time, homosexual were prohibited to work in any occuppation specially in the Federeral Government. (3) In the late 1900’s William J. Clinton, (President of the united states) isolated homosexuals to protect against sexual orientation