The Pros And Cons Of Dress Codes In Public Schools

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Supporters of a dress codes in public schools feel that particular clothing could become a distraction in a place where they should be learning and not wondering about what they look like; they should be focused on a their studies rather than how they look. While those in opposition feel it's an inconsistent guideline that causes extraneous issues.Discriminating, equal, unfair, mandatory. Those words would describe a dress code by girls, boys, parents, schools, and even a court. It’s a fight between students and schools. Whether it’s a tank top on a hot day or leggings when it’s cold, it’s probably against “regulation”.
There are advantages, though there are flaws that come with a dress code for example having one keeps girls from worrying about what they look like and to keep them focused on their studies. If girls are to put their hair up and down throughout class it takes away from their lessons and it distracts other students. When girls show their shoulders or their collarbone it must be covered, you can not be showing a lot of skin.
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When a girl gets pulled out of class to be taken to the principal's office to either change or get sent home which both cut into learning time and then he or she has to catch up from the day before. Another reason that there is a dress code is to “keep boys from being distracted”. Some feel that the dress code completely underestimates the boys maturity. Clothes as well as speech is being taken away so students can’t express their uniqueness.
My opinion is that if the school doesn’t always enforce the dress code regularly then what's the point of having one. Girls and boys both have multiple clothing options but when they go clothes shopping they’re choices are limited. They have to wonder whether it fits the dress code or not, and if not they either have to leave it or only wear it on the