The Pros And Cons Of Fate Vs Free Will

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Individuals in both philosophic and religious disciplines have been having the fate vs free will debate for centuries. Moreover, there are those who believe in fate these include many religious this context, they believe in God and that God is solely responsible for the creation of the universe and all the occurrences within it .therefore, everything that happens in every person’s life is gods will. Under this category there are still non-religious people who don’t necessarily believe in God but do believe in an ordered universe, karma and destiny. Nonetheless there are those who believe in free will. Additionally, they believe that individual is entirely responsible for every occurrence in his own life. Life is random, therefore, there is no God and no destiny. Atheists and skeptics fall under this category. What controls the course of our lives? Is it fate? Does a higher power predetermine our life paths? Or is it free will? No one can adequately answer these questions but it’s crucial to give it a thought. This paper thoroughly investigates the fall of man after creation …show more content…
If “free will” illustrates that God has given humankind the chance to make choices that directly affects their destiny, then yes, humans have a free will. God created Adam and Eve in his own image and that included the ability to choose. Nevertheless, free will does not imply that human beings can do anything they please. How can a man, limited by a sin nature ever choose what is good? Our choices are limited since we have a responsibility to choose wisely. Freedom of choice places huge responsibility and make us accountable for our actions. Therefore, individuals still bore an obligation to choose obedience to God. Moreover, the difference between the world before sin and the world today is shocking. Suffering and diseases are rampant, wars are everywhere and people treat each other with