The Pros And Cons Of Football

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Is football as dangerous as it is said to be?

Crush, crack, clobber, and pain are some words people think of when they hear the words football injury. Due to all the mix up over this sport people feel football is just a life taker when really football isn’t as deadly as people produce it to be. Correspondingly, football is only dangerous if we make it dangerous and there are precautions we must take to make football less deadly. Moreover, some more basic sports with less contact have more severe injuries. Nevertheless, football is only as dangerous as we let it be.

First off, football injuries have rapidly gone down due to our more advanced equipment, well taught tackling drills, and our new rules put into play. Also, not only are these
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In practice, my team is taking tackling drills a whole lot more serious. Due to our team’s tackling drills we have only had one concussion all season and considering the fact that we have nearly fifty players on our team, that is one major achievement. The head coach of Lemoore High School, Coach Rene Asencio says “Teaching our kids the right way to tackle is going to create a safer and easier sport for them to learn and enjoy.” By us practicing the correct tackling techniques we are able to keep playing without any serious injuries like concussions. Most parents are worried about their kids getting concussions yet most concussions aren’t even a result from the sport of football. As News, reports, “Sports like girls soccer have been calculated to result in 33 concussions per 100,000 player outings and wrestling has about 24 concussions per 100,000 player outings a year, according to The Head Case Co. In comparison, the most recent study — completed in 2012 — shows that at least one football player sustains a concussion for every game played.” This is a fact that clearly states that football is less dangerous than other popular