The Pros And Cons Of Giving Birth Control To Teenagers

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Research conducted by Diane Williams and Washington State University School of Medicine has also shown that while about half of the pregnancies that occur in the United States are unplanned, over half of those unplanned pregnancies are the result of irregular or improper contraceptive use. This means that roughly a quarter of the pregnancies that occur within the United States are due to the incorrect use of various birth control methods. While an increase in birth control accessibility may help minimize unplanned pregnancies, it can not prevent those caused by the misuse of contraceptives. It is also possible that an unintended increase in unplanned pregnancies could follow due to this issue. Birth control is covered without a copay through …show more content…
Parents want to, “stress the importance of love, commitment, respect and responsible behavior when it comes to relationships” (Tucker, “Pros and Cons of Giving Birth Control to Teenagers”). These values could be hindered as teens are exposed and potentially provided increased access to ‘conscienceless’ sex, leading to an increase in promiscuity. This could affect adolescence physically as they are less likely to use a condom when engaging in sexual activity if they have access to other means of birth control, which promotes the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Adolescence could also be effected emotionally through, “negative feelings towards themselves, (feelings of) regret, and guilt…” in addition to “worsened relationships with their partner… negative relations with parents… and the development of a bad reputation” (Unknown, “Teenagers Report Both Positive and Negative Consequences from Sex”). While these emotional effects of sex effect some adolescent boys, research done by the Guttmacher Institute shows these effects are more promenade in adolescent