The Pros And Cons Of Global Issues

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Damien Gilbert Dr. Gray English 132 September 24, 2014 A lot more than any other time in history, issues are shaping the future of mankind that are beyond any one nations ability to solve. Many issues such as climate, natural disaster, financial instability, and terrorism are all consider global issues. Each issue seems to be in no ways connected to the next; the problems appear to come in all shapes and from all directions. All of these issues affect a large number of people. Global issues are still happening all over the world. Global issues were happening a lot in the twentieth century such as national turmoil in Europe, George Bush and Bill Clinton presidential campaigns, and Hurricane Andrew that put a load on banks in Florida. First, global issues were happening a lot in the twentieth century such as national turmoil in Europe. Many European countries had millions of dollars worth of debt. According to the Allen R. Myerson of the New York Times “Coalition governments prove incapable of clinging to office or bringing huge budget deficits under control.” In the mid 1990s Germany was denying the blame for currency upheaval. Allen R. Myerson discuss the turmoil in Europe specifically Harold’s take on Germany:
When Harold
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These issues are still happening today, but there is a lot more resources to deal with these problems. The issues were devastating and shaped nations at a time. Governments have found ways to help change the impact of these issues such as having stricter regulation on who can receive money from the federal government during a disaster and laws to help so that not any one can run for the office of the presidency. The world still has issues today but they are a whole lot more