The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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Do you believe in global warming? If no, there are three reasons stated in this paper that will convince you to believe in global warming. The definition of global warming is “a gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth's atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide.”(google.dictionary) This means that the more carbon dioxide which gets released in the air the warmer earth will be. If the earth gets warmed up, much of the ice in the world will melt and if the ice melts all land in the world will be flooded and disappear. Everyone is trying to ignore global warming but if it happens it will eventually destroy the world as we know it. Who wants to leave a devastated world …show more content…
What people do not know is parts of the United States are heating up faster than the globe as a whole. This means that global warming is growing right now but people do not feel it because it is taking place slowly. Since people’s actions are releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, the process of global warming will start to progress faster which will speed up the ice melting . When releasing the carbon dioxide in the air you are trapping the gases inside the earth atmosphere which makes the earth warmer, this process is called the greenhouse effect. Start to think about your children’s future and start to take action, because we will suffer the horrific consequences. Teachers should teach their students the effects of global warming and how it will destroy the world. This will help make sure that the next generation will take care of the world. If global warming is not prevented there could be catastrophic effects such as health problems, endangered species and much more. The Trump administration’s denial that global warming exists, is caused by man and that it has catastrophic effects to living things, can cause horrific results to the entire