The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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I believe that our gun control laws are way to weak. I mean, what does anyone need a gun for, anyway? Yes, we all have the right to bare arm, but if nobody had this right, and no one had these weapons, what would we need them for? Alright, I'll admit that abolishing the right to bare arms is a little extreme but no over-reaction is too far out of this world for a noble cause. However, I do believe that we need prompt and incontrovertible corrections for any violation of gun laws. We should have such scary gun control that we would lock someone up for just drawing a picture of a gun! With laws this tough, people will be terrified to even let guns cross their mind. I don't see anything wrong with phasing guns out, completely. I believe we should stop making guns for the public in order to have tougher gun control. You will not need to protect yourself from any nut cases if they do not have a gun to shoot you with. If they have a knife, you pull one right out. Make it a fair fight. Some people do use guns for sports, but for the most part I see them being used to injure, kill or scare others. Sure, just about anything you can get your hands on can be used as weapon. Even something that seems harmless, like a pillow. However, guns are used more often since it's less effort to hurt someone. All you have to do is a pull a trigger and it's very effective. I pretty much hate all weaponry. It's barbarous and should be banned everywhere! I do believe that stronger gun control will lessen crime. We take driving tests before being issued a license. We do this because the government would like to make sure that the other drivers, and pedestrians on the street are safe with you as a driver. We have to have licensed and register cars because like guns, cars, can also be very dangerous. I would suggest that some sort of test before issuing someone a licensed gun should be held, as well... Perhaps some sort of psychological evaluation. Not only will this help know who is better suited to actually own a gun, but it will also decrease the amount of gun-owners. I am sure that a lot of people would rather go on without the weapon then go through the trouble and burden of being psychologically examined. This, however, might be no argument for people with access to the 'black market.' Regardless, there should be something done about the easy availability of guns. The everyday scenes shown on the new now-a-days of a gunman, police and terrified children have become way too familiar. Shooting victims of today's headlines have spread from urban gang members to whom you once thought were innocent, suburban schoolchildren and parishioners. It's obvious that something must be done about this! According to a recent Newsweek , 81% of non-gun-owners want all handgun owners to register with the government, a position also held by 66% of gun owners. At least eight of ten non-owners and owners favor mandatory courses on gun safety, child safety locks on guns, and a waiting period for background checks for all handgun purchases. There’s even substantial support