The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Increased gun control in America has been a hot topic that has been widely debated for some time now, and gun control is a term referring to the broad spectrum of restrictions in place that decides what types of firearms can be sold and purchased, as well as who can and who can not buy and or sell these firearms. Laws today prohibit people with certain mental illnesses, felonies, illegal immigrants, and drug addicts from owning guns. As of late, gun control has focused on background checks for buyers and whether or not people should be allowed to own assault rifles, like the seemingly popular AR-15. While many believe that increased gun control is pointless, the fact remains that stricter gun control and regulations are needed in order to …show more content…
However, there are holes in this system. One of the major holes in this particular law is that “small-scale sellers, including those who do business at gun shows, are not required to do background checks” (Perez-Pena). “Although federal firearm laws apply to both private sellers and those licensed to sell, the private sellers are under no legal obligation to ask if a buyer is eligible” (Universal Background Checks) and because of this gun show loophole, many criminals and those who are mentally ill are now able to purchase all types of guns without going through the proper and legal processes required to purchase one elsewhere. Mass shootings tend to be committed by mentally ill, outcasted individuals, and with the loophole that is present at gun shows around the United States, it certainly allows for more and more shootings to continue to happen as people who shouldn’t be able to purchase guns are able to without issue. With increased gun control and stricter laws this loophole would be closed, preventing the wrong people from having the ability to purchase guns and committing these kinds of heinous