The Pros And Cons Of Gun Laws

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The laws on guns have been a major concern in the US lately. With the many deadly shootings that have happened recently for examples the massacre that took place in at the theater in Colorado, and the shooting at the school in Connecticut. It has brought concerns to many of Americans as well as the President. The president wants to come up with a tighter new gun law, but not everyone is in favor of the idea. It seems so easy now days for people to get a hold of guns that at times can spark up bad events such as the two shooting massacres that were mentioned. The President wants to make sure that there is a better law in place. Many people stress the part of the second amendment where it gives us the right to bear arms. Although guns can be a means of protection they can also be harmful as we know. Some people choose to have guns as a way to protect themselves and their family when it is necessary, while others use them for malicious intent to be violent. The advantages of a tighter gun law would be that it the decrease in violence. If it is more difficult for someone to acquire a gun the rate of violence could be reduced. It could save lives and reduce the number of deaths it may not save the lives of everyone but knowing it could save most matters. The disadvantages that could come from the control on gun laws would be that it would become more difficult for people to get a gun. This would make families feel as if they are unable to protect their families. There