The Pros And Cons Of Having An Avid Binder

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What are the pros and cons of having an Avid binder? An Avid binder is a three inch binder that us Avid students keep our work in. Having one is very important in order to stay on track. They have many different benefits such as organization, backpack space, and can even work for self defense. There are also some drawbacks of having one as well, such as weight, being very uncomfortable, and hard to take out. First, an Avid binder will help with staying organized. Having the binder made being organized so much easier. My binder is still not too neat, but it’s much better than stuffing papers in my bag. It’s always super embarrassing turning in crumpled pieces of paper to a teacher. Having a messy bag is like stuffing clothes into a dresser …show more content…
Unless you’re a bodybuilder like Keanu the binders can get pretty tough to carry around. They can also add a lot of weight to your bag which can strain your back, neck, and shoulders too. You can prevent this by using two backpack straps, distributing the weight, and cleaning out your binder.
Fifth, in addition to being heavy the binders can also be really uncomfortable. They are a little tough fit into your backpack. Its rectangular shape creates weird lumps and edges that can sometimes poke your back. You can carry it in your arms but it feels a little awkward to hold as it is very big and bulky.
Sixth, using the binder takes a long time to take out. The binders corners always get stuck on the edge of my backpack whenever I try to take it out. Also having the binder in your bag crushes everything underneath it.
Overall, Avid binders have their own advantages and disadvantages. They help a lot with being organized, saving backpack space, and work great as a weapon. They also have their disadvantages too such as weighing a lot, being uncomfortable, and taking a long time to bring out. Although there are quite a few downsides to having one I feel that the benefits greatly outweigh