The Pros And Cons Of Industrialization

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Industrialization, a time during the 1800s, where technological advances happened, primarily for Western countries. It first started in Britain, because of Britain’s flourishing economy, and vast resources able to be expended. These technological advances included new weapons, new means of transportation, new ways to communicate, and new inventions. However, one problem of industrialization is resources being expended for these new technological advances. Therefore as a way for Western countries find new means for resources and open new markets, Western countries decided to trade with Eastern countries. One of these countries they wanted to trade was Japan. When America first arrived at Japan; Japan was surprised at how advanced their navy was compared to theirs. Japan, also realized they needed to modernized themselves, or to make their …show more content…
The reason they wanted to fight China, was to gain control of Korea because Japan feared Russia would have taken over them, which China controlled at the time. After a crushing victory against China now making Korea a part of their colony and taking a part of Taiwan, shocking the world, making Japan to be recognized as a world threat, which made European powers fear them. However, this recognition was short lived, because after a week, Western countries: France, Russia, and Germany decided to team up, and pressure Japan, claiming some land in China away from Japan, primarily the Liaotung peninsula. The Japanese government was angered by this situation, demanding Japan to receive equal treatment in international affairs. They also strengthened their military. Strengthening their military paid off, because in 1904 when Russians wanted control over Korea, Japan decides to go to war against Russia, and defeat them in 1905, gaining dominance over Korea, and making themselves a colonial power in East