The Pros And Cons Of Major Explorations

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Is Major Exploration Worth the Risk? Less than 5 percent of our oceans have been explored. Is it worth our time and resources to explore the rest of our oceans? According to the author from the texts in collection 4, major explorations is worth the risks because we have much more to gain. I feel that major exploration is worth the risk because it will allow the human race to make medical advances and help develop resources. To begin with, many experts claim that major exploration can introduce new medical advances to humanity. Evidence from page 194 in the textbook states that Caribbean reef sponge provided us with early treatment for HIV. This must have saved countless lives which definitely made exploring worth the danger. Another piece of evidence comes from page 187, where the author recognizes this fact, “An instrument recently developed to record automatically the impact of acceleration upon an astronaut’s eyes will also be of help to small children who are suffering miserably from eye defects.” Due to this, explanation on how exploration not only provides us with knowledge, but explains how technology helps people’s medical problems as well. Medical resources are absolutely one of the most important reasons on why humans should explore the ocean. …show more content…
In the close reader collection book page 65, the text provides “Observing Earth has provided us with G.P.S., meteorological forecasts, predictions and management of hurricanes and other natural disasters…” As a result of exploring Earth, we discovered the G.P.S. And have forecasts that prevent people from walking into storms. In the collection 4 textbook on page 195, the text states “Oceans are the life support of this planet, providing us with up to seventy percent of our oxygen…” Because of this, we are able to breath and live on this planet. Exploring can contribute resources that may benefit mankind, making it worth the