The Pros And Cons Of Nativism

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Nativism is a political policy based on stereotypes that immigrants cause every issue that approaches a country, which is clearly not always true. While there are certain issues inflicted from foreign peoples, usually it’s our fault that we have so many societal and political issues. We often discriminate against people who aren’t like us because it’s hard to realize our own faults and flaws. Even though Nativism was a term that started many years ago, it is still something that goes on in America today. Starting with the mid to late nineteenth century, Nativists took many unethical measures to make immigrant’s lives more difficult than they had to be in America, this included the Chinese Exclusion Act. This act suspended Chinese laborers from immigrating to the U.S. “Anti-Chinese sentiment had existed ever since the great migration from China during the gold rush, where white miners and prospectors imposed taxes and laws to …show more content…
Nativists throughout the years often believe that immigrants are taking their jobs, but the “Irishmen took any unskilled jobs they could find such as cleaning yards and stables, unloading ships, and pushing carts,” which are jobs that Americans probably didn’t want to do. Which is similar to the ideas of people today who would be considered nativists. One example of nativism today is how some Americans think that Mexicans are “taking our jobs,” but in reality they are really doing the jobs that we are too lazy to do. It’s not just everyday Americans who have these views, a very well known politician who is currently running for president, Donald Trump, believe that immigrants should have less than Americans. One of his ideas of putting America first includes: “Begin working on an impenetrable physical wall on the southern border, on day one. Mexico will pay for the