The Pros And Cons Of Non-Violence

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Non-violence is restraint from fighting, which can include the use of words or fists to intentionally cause harm. Jesus interprets, "Do not set yourself against the man who wrongs you. If someone slaps you on the right cheek, turn and offer him your left." Taken from "The Sayings of Jesus", he explains what should be done when you are angered as an alternative to lashing out with ferocity. Pacifism is portrayed by walking away from a fight or dispute even when there is a great urge to avenge you. Non-violence is the utmost potent defense. Non-violence can make such a huge impact on the world without having to harm anyone or declaring war. If one is seeking change for a virtuous cause, it’d be in their intentions to fight for justice, not war. Occasionally, war would commence under the circumstances of the revolution, but fighting fire with fire would only increase the heat of the flames. Being angry over something is typical but how you choose to deal with it is what really matters. Having control over your actions truly demonstrates who you are. There have been multiple matters in my life when I had encountered a situation where I was able to use violence to express my emotions. As hard as it was, I chose to resist my anger to turn the other cheek. Doing this was a positive outcome. If I hadn't, it would have accelerated to me getting hurt as well as the person I was having a feud with. The effect it had on me was a life changing experience. Although I did not feel satisfied for being the bigger person at the moment, I later learned in life that I did the moral decision by biting my tongue. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stated, "Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a permanent attitude." King led the bus boycott that was a 13 month period protest against segregation of blacks sitting in the front seat of