The Pros And Cons Of Obama Care

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The American government under the stewardship of President Barrack Obama came up with a health care program referred to as the Obama care that targets to provide health care both locally and globally. The president passed the piece of legislation on the affordable health care in 2012. The legislation gave rise to new health care policies to the Americans (Clemmit 7). The Obama Care covers a great proportion of the Americans, and it came with some advantages as well as disadvantages. This academic paper is intended to give an insight into the Obama Care health care policy and its effects.
The introduction of Obama Care has resulted in some employees suffering from new insurance costs that have been passed to them by their employers. This is
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Therefore, the nation and the people of America have benefited from this plan that ensures, to some degree, quality health services and eliminates capitalistic ideas of profits making as preferred by the non-governmental insurance plans, provide by private firms (Universal access 3). Obama Care offers Americans new health care benefits. For instance, children can be on the parents' health plan until they attain the age of twenty-six, and there are no annual or lifetime limits. Also, there can be approvals of more standard drugs that will serve to both reduce prices and break down monopolies. The ultimate result is ensuring the protection against discrimination of gender, the physically challenged and the victims of domestic abuse (Universal access 3). Most of the low incomes Americans enjoy the benefits of Obama Care, which is operated on what is referred to as sliding scale and the previously uninsured low-income Americans, and their families take full advantages of the positives of Obama Care. Millions of Americans have access to the preventive and wellness services taking advantage of the cover.
It is a fact that Obama care policy that saw the introduction of a new medical approach and the plan has its merits and demerits on American people and businesses. That said, plans are already underway to ensure that the negative impacts are reduced to a minimum. The possible solutions