The Pros And Cons Of Plain Tobacco Packaging

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Plain tobacco packaging review to take place
Plain cigarette packaging could become a new health law next year, as the government has asked Sir Cyril Chantler to look into the evidence about whether or not this policy would improve the public's health and fitness.
It is thought that making cigarette packaging plain would stop children from taking up smoking and potentially encourage smokers to quit. However, there are also concerns that plain packaging would make the already-lucrative counterfeit cigarette market even bigger, and would not have the positive impact on public health its proponents suggest.
Sir Cyril's review should be independent and will consider the wider issues this health law has. Sir Cyril, who is NHS England's Quality and Clinical Risk Committee's non-executive Chairman, University College London Partners' Chiarman, a Fellow of
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Overall, 53% supported plain packaging, with 43% saying the government should not introduce legislation about tobacco packaging at this time. A further 4% of respondents said they were neutral or had other suggestions for tobacco packaging.
While smoking rates have been perpetually declining for many years, smoking is considered to have one of the worst impacts on the public's health and fitness. In the last decade, the UK has seen the legal age for the purchase of cigarettes increase from 16 to 18, the introduction of graphic depictions of health problems on cigarette packets, and a smoking ban affecting almost all indoor public places. the quantity of tax and duty placed on tobacco products has also increased dramatically in recent years and is now around 88% of the price of the cheapest cigarettes available in the