The Pros And Cons Of Recreational Marijuana

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Do you think recreational marijuana should be illegal? For example, some people think that recreational marijuana should be illegal and the others think recreational marijuana should be legal. People in Washington and Colorado are allowed to smoke recreational marijuana. Some recreational marijuana smokers say it's helped with creativity, becoming closer with friends, food taste better and gives everyone different perspectives. But recreational marijuana can lead to other drugs, impairs people's driving and memory. So recreational marijuana should be illegal unless it's for medical purposes only.

First of all Recreational marijuana can lead to other drugs like heroin and cocaine and others too. Studies of people have indeed found that those who smoke marijuana are more likely to use other drugs.“...Into the use of other illicit drugs, it is indeed a gateway drug.” (colorado) Others think that it isn't a gateway drug and it’s your choice to do other drugs after you have done marijuana. I agree with there opinion but studies have shown that it is a gateway drug and that more
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Marijuana significantly impairs judgment, motor coordination, and reaction time. Marijuana is the drug most frequently found in the blood of drivers who have been involved in accidents, including fatal ones. “Two large European studies found that drivers with this drug in their blood were roughly twice as likely to be guilty for a fatal accident than drivers who had not used drugs or alcohol” ( National institute on drug abuse,”Does marijuana affects driving?”) However, the role played by marijuana in accidents is often unclear, because it can remain in body fluids for days or even weeks after intoxication and because users frequently combine it with alcohol. Some people have said that it doesn't affect everyone's driving. I agree but with the people who do get in accident it endangers them and the people around