The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Marriage

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The same sex marriage has been a highly controversial topic in recent years. And both people who support it and who don’t have their own reasons. But it is clear that with more and more people’s attention and propaganda, same sex marriage are accepted gradually. Many of the states having been adding law that makes same sex marriage legal. Some businesses, nevertheless, seem not willing to embrace the idea of assisting gay and lesbian couples in helping them prepare their wedding ceremony.
People hold completely two different views toward same sex marriage. And people called this phenomenon “An ethical dilemma”. Is these businesses their behavior ethical or not? There won’t be a clear and persuasive answer up to now. But what we can do at this moment, is trying to analysis the pros and cons of don’t provide services to those gays and lesbians.
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But note that legal doesn’t mean ethical. Here, those businesses don't welcome same sex marriage, their behavior and attitude don’t break any law for sure, so that is definitely a legal behavior. But it is somewhat unethical because it is a kind of discrimination. They treat gay or lesbian special or at least different from others. So in those businessman’s eye, as long as they don’t break any law, they have the right to select the customers they are willing to serve. In gay and lesbian’s view, however, they feel they are not respected as normal people and they find it is really hard or even impossible for them to enjoy the services like everybody else, and the only reason is because their sexual